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Recent publications

So, I’ve done a post about the Cabinet of Curiosities, but I’ve had a few things put out recently and I figured I could share them.


I did this!

Fellow Crappy Indie Music contributor Ron Trembath is the mastermind behind Children of Mercy, a full-on media project benefitting and helping raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis.  The biggest part of this is the book (click above to visit the site, and buy it!) which is a collection of essays by a sweet variety of people working in the indie music world, including yours truly.  I contributed a piece called “Bucket Lists Are Bullshit”, and I also designed the aniconist cover image!  Along with the book was a compilation album featuring an international assortment of cool bands, including my project Coeur Machant.  You can listen to it for free here, but do the cystic fibrosis charities a solid and buy it at the link above.  Rumor has it this has done so well that a second album is coming out, featuring another Coeur Machant track.


Another benefit anthology- this time for the victims of the tsunami in Japan, specifically orphans in the affected provinces.  I contributed a short piece, “The Norwegian Makes Lemonade”, which is, yes, one of my Norwegian stories, originally written as an on-the-spot poetry performance.  Make sure to click on the link above- this anthology is available in multiple formats, and get this- it’s got one of the best list of authors I’ve ever seen.  Michael Moorcock, John Shirley, Robert Price, Trent Zelaszny, David Agranoff, Bradley Sands, Andersen Prunty, Ash Lomen, and many many more.


This antho, edited by my bud Cameron Pierce, is just for fun, but still has quite the assortment of awesome authors: Mykle Hansen, Kevin L. Donihe, Bradley Sands again, Cody Goodfellow, and of course, yours truly.  The art is by Dave Brockie, who you may know in his other life as Oderus Urungus from GWAR.  My piece, “Extra Lives”, was based on a total throwaway story idea from years ago, that turned into both a charming love story and meditation on popular culture.  It’s much… jokier, let’s say, than almost anything I’ve ever written.


So, I didn’t contribute anything to this book, but I was quoted in it.  Yes, quoted in it, on the subject of steampunk.  To be quoted in a book by one of my new favorite authors, Jeff Vandermeer, is pretty amazing.  To be able to consider him a friend, just as amazing.  This coffee table book is truly cool.  Check it out.














This one isn’t out yet, but I’ve got a piece in there and I’m very excited.  Let me tell you why.  I wrote a piece of flash fiction that was about as avant-garde as I get.  It’s written in second person, and in order to get the full understanding of the piece, a knowledge of the songs of Black Sabbath and ability to read tablature are a must.   Why is it in this anthology of love stories?  The protagonist is in a wheelchair.  I am proud to be a part of this very cool project, and it’s nice to find this piece a home after waaaayyyy too many rejections.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m working on several more projects- I’m finally returning to collaboration with my dear friend Ash Lomen, working on a truly chilling set of stories with a disgusting conceit.  I’m also starting to record a song cycle based on real life haunted/creepy locations, starting with “Annan Road”.  I’ll put some songs up as they get finished.

Until next time…



“A taste of something smuggled in…”

Yes, Joni fans, I drove back from northern Cali today and am exhausted.  But Hissing always excites me as much as it does Stephen Street so despite exhaustion I am still feeling peppy.  But, must go back to work tomorrow so I will force myself to sleep.  Great things are in the works, great thinks as well, and the “Posthumous Works” is going to be wondrous.  Rest well.

Lo-fi Americana warning

So, after a crushing cancellation of a visit with my kids, and a hellacious migraine, I decided to tag along with my little bro and his friend Mia to see some friends of his at PDX Pop Now!

Now, I’m not crazy about indie music, but this turned out to be quite a nice scene. A section of street, roughly located between Office Depot, the porno shop, some industrial food warehouses and the music venue Rotture, was closed off and a bunch of scrappy-looking indie kids had congregated for the ultra-short sets of various local bands. And by kids, I mean kids- there was a cute little two-year-old dancing about.

The band we were there to see, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, surprised me by being pretty darn good. The promo material had this to say about them: “With music made for waltzing in the kitchen or stomping barefoot in the grass, this boy/girl band presents lo-fi Americana tunes without cute boy/girl vocals.” Blah blah blahblah… I’m sorry, that just screams pretentious. I was pleasantly surprised by a minimalist stage setup scattered with functional random percussion. They added a drummer for this set and some of the rhythmic constructions were just phenomenal for how little was actuall going on, and I really grooved on their next to last song, which was about as edgy as a song with a banjo can get. However….

I cannot say enough about how bad the frontman sucked. Doughy and clad in the worst flannel hipster garb, he warbled and screeched and wrapped his petulant lips around an overly processed SM-57 like it was Jack White’s diseased cock. Seriously, I think we’ve all had enough with this Tiny Tim vocal fad. He was a competent guitarist, but should have shut the hell up and let his hot bass-playing girlfriend sing more.

So that was that. It was nice to hang out with my bro and have fun before he returns to Humboldt. I would also recommend that everyone come out Wednesday night to the Fez to see the Bears and the Bees. Faith is out from Arizona and we should all come check it out.