Dharma Beatdown

Chillin' by the Hell-realm water cooler.

Freedom, gratitude

You know, there was a time that I was not free.

Most people aren’t- but I am lucky in that to some measure I am free.

Worked hard today, and now it’s night.  The groceries are brought in, wife and daughter are tucked in bed.  So I’m a husband and father, but now- tonight?  What am I?  Well, tonight I am a composer.  There’s something amazing about being able to say that.  To be able to do that.

It’s because I was aware of the choice to be free that I escaped the clutches of despair.  So in gratitude, while I begin my musical work, I have lit an incense.  For the Tathagatha, who was willing to share what he discovered.  For that ol’ rugged dharma that I am fortunate enough to have found.  And of course for the sangha- not only the monastics who keep it precious and true, but my friends and fellow practitioners who are here in the world working diligently at salvation.  Peace out.


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