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‘Pervasive appropriateness,’ fuck you Alanis.

On my way in to work today, I came around a bend on the expressway and as I neared the traffic signal, I saw that a semi truck had laid on its brakes- hard, as it had arrived at the red light. There were long skidmarks and HUGE cloud of mephitic smoke. Lots of smoke.

As I pulled up alongside and stopped, I took a look at the cab of the truck. Guess who it belonged to?




  mooney wrote @

Please connect… never fucking heard of beef jerky.This weekend Cambridge United Football Culb (CUFC) have a chance to regain their status in the English Football League.Please signal your support for our team and your empathy for the state of high anxiety we must live with until the game at mid-day on Monday.Thank you for your consideration. We would be happy to do the same for you some day.Messages of encouragement or support can be sent to:paul.teresemooney@tiscali.co.uk

  Dr. Something wrote @

Isn't it apt!Also, I just noticed you commented months ago on my "artwork" blog I never update. Thanks.Also, what's up with people trying to pass on their high anxiety to others all the time?

  Jess Gulbranson wrote @

Oh, this Mooney guy was harassing my editor friend Bradley Sands, so he decided that there was an open poetry submissions call for this guy's blog comments. So we deluged him with avant-garde/rude poems in his comments. It was pretty funny. He's taken them down since, but he was somewhat of a good sport by replying with strange messages like that one.

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