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Morrissey- ‘Years Of’ Brutal Asskicking begin… now.

I was going to write a full review of Morrissey’s new album, “Years of Refusal” which is due to be released Valentine’s Day. Instead I’m going to share this actual conversation with my wife which happened this morning on the way to work when she plugged her iPod in.

Me: Hey, we could put my iPod in instead and listen to some of my music.

Kayla: Uh, no thanks. (the volume comes on very loud.) Jesus Christ, how loud do you listen to music in the car?

Me: The new Morrissey is pretty awesome, I had to turn it up.

Kayla: …

Me: We should put it in. I think you’d actually like this one, it’s pretty hardcore.

Kayla: I doubt that.

Me: It starts rocking and does not let up. He’s crazy, like stabbing people and cutting off heads.

Kayla: Morrissey is not stabbing people! He sucks!

Me: Seriously, he’s out of control. Morrissey’s tearing shit up over there. (I listen to the Third Eye Blind coming out of the speakers.) It rocks much harder than this crap.

Kayla: You’re ridiculous.

So, I heartily recommend it. Morrissey is rapidly becoming the Slayer of brit-pop- instead of wimping out over the years, the music keeps getting tougher and more brutal. For the rare opportunity to hear an artist who has actually matured in his work, check out “Years of Refusal.” Just remember to check your Smiths nostalgia and kneejerk Morrissey hatred at the door.



  Dylan wrote @

Ha ha ha, perfect way to recommend the album. That worked better than any review you would’ve written

  Eriq Nelson wrote @

I had a tough time finding the groove on that record, it wooed me, then bored me, then wooed me back in over and over. I’ve finished the review for it an I still don’t know if I like it or not. Maybe it’ll be one of those albums that stays in limbo for years, being bought and sold over and over.

  Jess Gulbranson wrote @

The review in the Oregonian gave it an A-, which blew me away.Eriq, I see by your profile that you’re a Buddhist musician/writer from Richmond. Me too! Well, actually, I grew up in the Northern Neck. Good times. How’s VA these days?

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