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"Bradley Sands is Nicholas Murray Butler’s Ass"

The “Bradley Sands Is A Dick” anthology is now available. Check out the official announcement from official editory Andersen Prunty here, and don’t forget to vote for the best segment (mine) in the sidebar.

Not sure how to explain this antho… it was for short stories, and I submitted an acrostic. It was so full of win, that I was rejected. Andersen said that it would be included in a foreword to show the breadth of weirdness in the submissions, though apparently, to continue the meminess, it was so full of fail that it was admitted into the main body of work. The winner will be named Bradley Sands’ archnemesis, and I do think I can fit the bill. I did threaten to “crawl inside [Sands’] ass and bust out all [his] teeth when I’m reborn through [his] ugly face.” So read it… there’s great stuff here… Jordan Krall, Garrett Cook, Kek-w, Cameron Pierce, and many more. And Mandy Moore.


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  kek-w wrote @

Well, I thought yrs was well cool, Jess. It got my vote.

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