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The Grave? Your ass? A beartrap? Pudding?

My novel is in the works right now… complete, needs editing, and we’re having some stall issues with the illustrator. The bad news is that it may not exist in physical form in time for BizarroCon. That’s okay, I’m thinking I’ll print up some shirts, maybe improve the drawing, and give them out as swag. So speaking of BizarroCon…

As a relatively active member of the Bizarrocentral community, and the Portland Literary Offensive, I heard about the first rumblings of this momentous first con here in hometown PDX. Of course I was interested, and let CM3 and Rose know immediately that I would be interested in whatever events were forthcoming. That translated into one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve ever gotten, shown here as taken from the program of events:

3:00-3:50 pm CROSSOVER POTENTIAL (Garrett Cook, David Agranoff, Daniel Scott Buck, Jess Gulbranson) – Discuss ways bizarro can branch off into other genres and medias, led by four authors who have one foot in bizarro and one foot somewhere else. Thus the title of the blog.

Apparently I’m speaking on a panel. That’s fucking awesome. A good panel, too- Garrett is publishing on Evil Nerd Empire like I am, David is a very articulate local author and activist, and I’m not sure what to say about the charming D.S. Buck. He is a breed apart… and perhaps a bon vivant author from another time. It should be interesting.

I’ll be reading as well, and also be entering the freak-out contest, for which I have an exquisite plan, so we’ll see what happens. Good times, and I suggest that anyone interested in writing, counterculture, subversive literature, bizarre media, or whatever… come out to the haunted-ass Edgefield and join the BizarroCon.


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